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Wide Mouth Preserve Jar, 500ml

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The Kilner® Wide Mouth Preserve Jars offer an ideal solution for preserving whole fruits and vegetables, thanks to their spacious design that facilitates effortless filling. These jars are equipped with a user-friendly metal screw top lid comprising two components: a replaceable vacuum seal and a metal screw band that effectively locks the seal in place. Notably, both jar sizes come with embossed volume indicators on the exterior, simplifying measurement and portioning. Whether you're looking to preserve the bounties of your harvest or create delectable jams, these jars combine convenience and functionality to elevate your preserving experience.

Capacity: 500ml
Height (mm): 180
Width (mm): 200
Length (mm): 280
Weight in kg: 3.24
Volume: 0.01008
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Do not pour boiling water directly into your jars/bottles
  • Wash before first use

Reasons to go Kilner®

reduce plastic containers

It helps to reduce plastic containers

Kilner® glass

Kilner® glass is recyclable even if it’s broken

Kilner® Jars

You can reuse and refill Kilner® Jars at bulk food stores

pantry smart and tidy

They keep your pantry smart and tidy

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